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Wavecom offers the entire implementation chain: radio planning, site surveying, implementation project (including infrastructures and accessories), installation, commissioning, placing in service, reporting and maintenance.


Design of completed implementation projects, that is, including radio, telecommunication, infrastructure and energy/power, management and safety components.


Centralised management platforms, namely SNMP platform, multivendor, in order to integrate all the equipment involved in the implementations.


Documentation process treatment regarding the granting of spectrum licenses


Gigabit networks; Interfaces IP and/or TDM; Different protection schemes: 1+0, 1+1, 2+0, 3+0, etc.; Star, ring topologies, etc.


Planning for the rate availability requested by the customer.


Solutions in microwaves in unlicensed band, adequate to rural areas, and solutions in millimetre waves for urban areas.

We planned and implemented access networks for different segments (M2M, residential, SME and Corporate), using different cellular technologies and multipoint (UHF/VHF, WiMAX, Microwaves, Millimetre waves…)

Last Mile

We design connections in microwaves between de operator’s core network and the end-user.


We design the most adequate solutions, meeting the service requirements and taking into account the technical challenges of the implementation scenario.

Radio Planning / Optimisation

We make the network planning and the performance forecast

New sites for aggregation points

We enable network implementation by gaining new strategic points for the infrastructure implementation


We have highly specialised teams for the implementation stage, that ensure the best practices.

Support and maintenance

We offer support and maintenance services complying with the SLAs.