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The Internet of Things has the power to transform all the industries, changing the way we live and work, locally and globally. Companies of all industries face the challenge of building facilities that comply with the scale and data management requirements, as well as with high safety and availability requirements.

Agriculture and Environment

Environment and agricultural fields monitoring with high availability, low energy costs and coverage capacity in large-scale areas.

Intelligent cities

Apps for the intelligent management of public transports, traffic or building control, using both the indoor and outdoor connectivity.


Monitoring of construction sites and equipment, without the need to implement a specific network facility.

Intelligent buildings

Automation in the management of safety and entire building infrastructure, enhancing energy efficiency and use.


Intelligent management of the entire manufacture chain, enhancing process efficiency and reducing costs, from production and storage to distribution.


The collected data, the logistics network and the supply chain can reduce the inventory and the time to market. The data can also be used to simplify operations.

Emergency services

Enhanced assistance quality in emergency and catastrophe situations, increasing the ability to act on the available information.


Possibility to install intelligent meters that enable to measure the distribution in a more adequate manner, avoiding losses and managing peak demands.