Wi-Fi for Municipalities2016-12-12T23:27:57+00:00


Easy to manage and optimised to high coverage and speed.


Características avançadas de segurança como encriptação de dados e firewall integrada.

24 hour help desk

A team of experts by your side, whenever you need.

An entirely connected city

The Wi-Fi facilities implemented in the cities benefit several services, such as public transports, utilities, public safety, environment, education or tourism, promoting at the same time the inclusion of inhabitants and visitors.

A new way of living the cities

Our solutions promote tourism attractiveness, disclosing information through a portal (Captive Portal) where the promoting agency may announce and present the contents to the visitor.
Touristic information and tourist guides may be provided through the tourists’ network and location.

Also, these solutions can be explored based on the diversity of business models, since the network Access control component controls the traffic and time volume, enabling thus the assembly of access plans based on each of those parameters.