NP 4457:2007, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001

In Portugal, the headquarters of Wavecom has concluded the certification process of Management Systems of Research, Development and Innovation, associated to IP, wireless and unified communications networks, being one of the few Portuguese companies with a NP 4457:2007 innovation system.



Excellence SME of 2011
Wavecom, a Portuguese company operating in the field of telecommunication engineering, was distinguished by IAPMEI (Instituto de Apoio às Pequenas e Médias Empresas e à Inovação) with the statute of Excellence SME of 2011.

This prize, granted every year, was created to mark, through a reputation mechanism, the accomplishment of small and medium companies with higher development profiles, standing out with the best results achieved in the SMEs group.

This years, the Excellence SME statute was granted to 1368 companies, that in the different business areas are distinguished by their economic, financial and management performances.

These are companies that, within the different business areas, stood out due to the quality of their results and to the high competitive standards, with rations of financial soundness and profitability that are above the national average, and that actively contribute to the development and employment dynamics of the several regions.

This selection is made on the basis of the leader SMEs and in partnership with Turismo de Portugal, I.P, and with the main banks operating in the market, namely, Banco Espírito Santo, and BES Azores, BPI, Barclays, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Millenium BCP and Santander Totta.



PME Inovação (SME Innovation)

Created for the SME competence development, it aims at promoting the recognition of innovative companies that add value to the country. In 2005 with 24 companies, the Rede PME Inovação (SME Innovation Network) currently has more than 100 members.