Wavecom has a partnership with Sunrise Evolution Technologies

In order to deliver its technology in areas where Wavecom had no presence, we established a partnership with Sunrise Evolution Technologies.

Wavecom and Sunrise Evolution will be empowering in real time all emerging markets in Latin America and Africa, including PALOPs, to provide them high level technology access.

Valter Miguel, Wavecom’s Commercial Director, says: “This partnership will enable us to accelerate the growth of Wavecom’s solutions and deliver state-of-the-art technology, specially in geographies where we do not have a local presence. Wavecom has a history of developing strong, long-lasting and win-win partnerships, and we are convinced that this partnership with Sunrise Evolution will be very beneficial to both sides.”

Magda Jamal, Business Development Director at Sunrise Evolution Technologies, states that Wavecom is the most valuable partner for this leading technology:

“For Sun Evo Tech, diversity is everything. We enjoy giving to our customers the best ICT experiences, market developments and its most recent updates. We take this responsibility seriously, therefore, we bring Wavecom, leaders & Experts in Wireless Solutions as one of our trusted partners. Wavecom delivers to our customers their valuable assets on 5G Wireless Solutions & Cloud Authentication System for local entities. We challenge ourselves to solve our customers outcomes, still offering newest solutions to continuously improve, maximize & develop their local business. Wavecom secured cloud based and wireless solutions, keeps us “on Top and on Time” with new industry trends and help us improving our customers’ life quality.”


Ricardo Simões, Product Manager at Wavecom and one of the promoters of this merger, believes that “with this partnership we will be able to fill out emerging markets’ needs for mobility and digital challenges.”


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