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Research and Development has been, throughout the years, one of Wavecom’s major gamble, which has been significantly increasing its investment in this field.

All of this effort was translated into the creation of two Spin-offs in the Radio and Unified Communications areas.

Wavesys is an Integrated Radio Platform which is born from the knowledge and experience acquired by Wavecom in great and complex projects.


The know-how acquired in these projects results in two great competitive advantages. One the one side, a great market knowledge, which allows us to understand your needs and to develop radio equipment that will meet those needs.

On the other hand, all the knowledge and experience enable the incorporation of algorithms to be used in radio communication protocols, optimising radio equipment in the different radio propagation scenarios and thus responding to the different application scenarios presented by our customers.

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In 2007, Wavecom developed a FineSource VoIP Platform, which was implemented, in 2008, in every Portuguese University. From that date on, Wavecom has been investing in the R&D of this area.


Throughout these years, new releases and add-ons have been launched. In 2010, Wavecom identified that the FineSource VoIP Platform has had the need to evolve to a Unified Communications Platform, taking advantage of the place on which it is installed. As a solution, the FineSource platform has been changed in order to include not only voice, but also other communication means, in order to be considered as a unified communication platform.

From the product’s perspective, the FineSource platform was changed to become available as an appliance, covering the development of an operation architecture distributed with a high level of resilience.

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