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Wavecom allocates a part of its annual revenue to R&D, standing out in this field.

Creation of the first Integrated Radio Platform named WaveSys, developed in Portugal.

Participation in several national and international R&D projects.

Research, Development and Innovation management.

Wavecome is part of the Network of Innovative SMEs of COTE, since 2010.


Projects in which Wavecom has participated

SUIT – Scalable, Ultra-fast and Interoperable Interactive Television

SUIT Project is a STREP project, developed within the 6th Framework of the European Union, which involves partners from different countries and with the main goal of developing a common demonstrator for the supply of television advanced services.

Fibre-Optic Networks for Distributed Extendible Heterogeneous Radio Architectures and Service Provisioning

In this project, the goal is to explore radio-over-fibre technologies in order to implement 4G cellular networks with simpler basic stations and with a better performance, and flexibility to support several standards to enable heterogeneous networks.

Wireless Systems Providing High Quality Services

This projects aims at the study and development of advanced cross layer optimisation techniques for wireless networks, breaking through the traditional independence.

SUIT – Scalable, Ultra-fast and Interoperable Interactive Television

The MOBILIA project is a CELTIC project which involves a group of European partners and, at the national level, the Wavecom Radio Solutions, as well as the Institute of Telecommunications. The project is co-financed, nationally, by ADI.

Enhanced Wireless Communication Systems Employing Cooperative Diversity

he project aims at the development of diversity features and at the concept of cooperation between mobile devices, for the optimisation of communications in performance and autonomy.


Wavecom has several years of experience in IDI project management, namely R&D projects (mostly European), such as: Disert, RADNAV, SAMBA and AGORA.

This experience was mostly acquired in a SCT entity, the Institute of Telecommunications – Pólo de Aveiro.

Wavecom has a close cooperation with entities from the National Scientific and Technological System. It has a strong connection with the University of Aveiro, which is its main source for recruiting, and with the Institute of Telecommunications – Pólo de Aveiro, a usual partner in R&D projects. The founders of the company, and current Directors, came from the IT.

There is also an interaction with other education institutions, such as the University of Minho, the ESTGA (Águeda), the IPVC (Viana do Castelo), the IPCB (Castelo Branco) and the IPL (Leiria).