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We are the engineering support of the current and emerging communication technologies, ensuring the best solutions with the maximum pro-activity.


Achieve the growing acknowledgement of the market as a reference partner, due to the success in the communication engineering through creative and innovative solutions.


Genius and competence in solution design;
Creativity and innovation in identifying opportunities;
Accessibility and Flexibility in the relationship with our Employees;
Honour, Ethics and Responsibility in the commitments made with Customers, Suppliers and Employees.


To ensure the quality, safety and reliability of the solutions that were created, promoting the confidence and customised treatment of Customers.
Growing and extend the company’s position in new markets, offering creative and innovative solutions.
Research and develop new technological solutions that shall anticipate potential needs and market expectations
Motivate employees to participate, be more creative and innovative, through the development of new knowledge, abilities and intellectual capital.
Promote employees’ training, information and consultation in all the relevant areas for their performance.
Prevent injuries, wounds and damage to health, using safe working methods, namely as regards working at height, organising work stations and pro-activity in the risk analysis of new projects.
Promote the well-being of employees ensuring a healthy organisational environment.
Wavecom is committed to comply with the legal requirements applicable to products, services, labour safety and health, and to continuously improve the performance of the Integrated Management System.

The Management,